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Author: mrobinson

                            CaviTech have successfully introduced a suite of moulds used for the manufacture of components for a medical device application. The challenge required a significant amount of EDM and the complexity of the geometry resulted in many electrodes, rigorous procedures and attention to detail. The solutions included conformal cooling, pressure transducers within the moulds and the integration of a component detection system. The validation was...

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CaviTech have delivered a suite of moulds including units with servo driven side cores. The need to fully control the movement of complex side actions lead to the employment of servo drives. The solutions included the control units and full integration into the production machines before being exported to the production location....

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Thank you for visiting our new site; we hope you enjoy our new look and take a few minutes to look around. Since being established in 1955, we've been proud of our reputation for using state-of-the-art technology to produce high-quality injection moulds, and we've never forgotten that fact. That's why we have continued to grow to the company we are today. Whether you require experienced project managers,...

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Cavitech - Efficient Workflows

The introduction of a new 5 axis HSM cell delivers excellent accuracy and speed for the manufacture of complex electrodes. The cell includes a multi station robot that allows 24/7 production. High spindle speeds ensure excellent precision and exceptional surface finishes, enabling micron repeatability between electrodes, crucial to delivering interchangeable cavitation....

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Cavitech Mould

CaviTech have completed delivery of a suite of 16 cavity moulds for a personal care application. The product demands resulted in a need to hold an accuracy of + / – 0.0025mm across all cavities. The cavities are manufactured from high wear resistant materials, and then coated to prolong their life. The moulds are fed with direct valve gate hot runners with pressure transducers for...

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